Why Use A Broker

This is of course the million dollar question, ‘why pay a broker to arrange your travel insurance’, and with online operators offering  up to 15% discounts why indeed would  you need a broker to arrange your travel insurance. Well, unfortunately what you see is not always what you get, as low cost is not always the best policy for your needs.

However, lets just take one or two examples to illustrate this point

Firstly, you have purchased your discounted policy online and now have a query. When was the last time you rang a large service provider without having to do the press button options ‘ only to find that when you eventually find a human to speak to its the wrong department and you have to go back for further options.

Who is paying for the call ? YOU

Who is pocketing the money? THEY ARE

Where’s the 15% DISCOUNT GONE NOW ??

A good broker on the other hand is in fact your go between with the service provider, to ensure that you get the right product that meets all your requirements with as little effort as possible, and that’s why we get payed commission.

Secondly, Service and Reliability. We think this is the most important aspect of the sales process.

This is to ensure it is YOUR needs that get attended to not the insurance company’s as most insurance brokers have more than one product to offer their clients.

The product may be first class but if you cannot reach the person you originally spoke to discuss the problem how good is the product. We at ‘Delta Travel Insurance’  insist that if you wish to speak to the same person that you originally purchased the policy with, you will whenever possible. Try to do this with most of the large service providers and its virtually impossible, without having to listen to music for  an eternity only to find they are on a break and your query never gets answered satisfactorily and no clear answer is given .

So that’s my points made. If you want to do it yourself and trust to luck that you will not have to contact your travel insurance provider, that’s OK but most people say to us that its good to talk and get your needs discussed, then if there were to be a problem they have a direct point of contact (A Friendly  Human  Kind) and that’s what all good Brokers should be.

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